manhattan: soho - 244 & 250 Lafayette St | chelsea - 228 7th Ave
brooklyn: park slope - 476 Fifth Ave [PHONE + MAP]
  • TA Century Bib pickup is at Bicycle Habitat this year. Starts August 1.
  • Do you Citi Bike? Check out our tips: Best gear for bike share!
  • Now in stock: Stylish commuter clothing from Giro and Levi's! (Soho, Chelsea stores only)
  • We are honored to be named "New York's Best Bike Shop" by the Village Voice!

Bicycle Habitat is the best overall, for its price range, beloved repair crew, and its owner, Charlie McCorkell, who's been a cornerstone of the city's biking community for more than two decades. MORE>
bicycle habitat
244 & 250 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012
ph (212) 431-3315

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