Repair Classes

We offer a variety of bike maintenance classes. Click below, or scroll down for details.

Roadside Repair (2 hours) 

Bike Maintenance Intensive (6 weeks @ 2 hrs/wk)  -- Classes now forming!

Custom Instruction (varies)


Roadside Repair :: 2-hour course

Our Roadside Repair Class is a one-night class covering the basics of bike repair. Our objective is to help you deal with those pesky roadside/trailside emergencies that can spoil your ride, like flat tires and problematic brakes. This class lasts approximately two hours.

Cost = $70


 Upcoming classes are held on Mondays at 7:30pm.

 To register, please email Dave at and  call the store to leave a $30 deposit to hold your place.


 Park Slope:

 Upcoming classes are held on Mondays at 7:30.

 To register, please email Arnold at   and call the store to leave a $30 deposit to hold your place.


Bike maintenance intensive :: six classes @ 2 hrs/class

This course covers more thorough bike maintenance knowledge, detailing the different parts of a bicycle and how the parts work together. Class size is limited to six students, assuring everyone a place to work and get dirty. Classes meets once per week for six weeks; each session is two hours. 

  • Week 1 - Introduction to the course, flat repair and drivetrain basics.
  • Week 2 - Drivetrain, gears, shifters, etc. Introduciton to brakes.
  • Week 3 - Brakes continued, wheel truing.
  • Week 4 - Introduction to hubs and bearing surfaces, including headsets.
  • Week 5 - Introduction to Bottom brackets, and cranksets.
  • Week 6 - A chance to ask questions not covered, and to bring in your own bike to practice what you've learned with the guidance of your instructor at your side.

Cost = $300. (You must pay a deposit of $150 to hold your spot in the course. Deposits can be taken over the phone or in person at the shop.)

(Pizza not always included - this class was particularly enthusiastic.)

(Pizza and beer not always included - this class was particularly enthusiastic about bike repair.)

 SoHo:  Registration for the winter session is OPEN.

 The class starts Wednesday, December 9 @ 7:30pm.

 To register, email Dave at and call  the Soho store to leave a deposit.


 Prospect Heights: Registration for the fall session is _OPEN.

 The class starts Monday, November 16 @ 7:30pm.

 To register, email Tyler at and call  the Brooklyn store to leave a deposit.

 Custom Instruction Offerings

Personal Mechanic | Custom Classes

The mechanic is totally yours for one-on-one, or small group courses (prices vary). He/she will instruct or coach you on any and all aspects of bicycle repair. Work can be done by you, or you can just watch the wrench at work. This service is offered by appointment only and is usually only available after shop hours. The mechanic may be available for home or office visits, (home visits will incur a 25% surcharge plus travel expenses).

Cost = starting at $65/hour for one on one instruction.

For more information and to schedule, contact Dave at

Wheel Building Seminars

Unlock the secrets of building a bicycle wheel. With one of our expert mechanics, you can learn how to select the appropriate spoke length, lacing pattern, and number of spokes for your specific needs. You will then lace, true, and tension your new wheel to give you miles of smooth, trouble-free riding. Amaze your friends! Confuse your enemies! Love your wheels!

For more information and to schedule, email Tom at