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The first rule is never pay over $100

This may have been the most enjoyable frolic in NYC I have ever done - organized or not!

Due to acid rain, ultraviolet radiation and realities beyond life's control, tires will rot.

...made to order frameset that will probably last a lifetime.

Once a week, without fail, somebody comes into the shop with an older bicycle and asks if it's worth anything?

There are ways to totally avoid any penile discomfort. One is to be a member of the female persuasion!

Stop and go cycling wears out chains, gear clusters, and eventually, crankset, quite prematurely.

There are many problems with riding during the winter. The first is that there is more night than day; so, you need lights.

The next morning I was ready to ride. Larry, the kid next door, made fun of me because my bike had training wheels and only sissies rode bikes with training wheels.

Fixing a flat tire isn't so tuff if you know what you are doing.

The problems with rain riding are: a) you'll get wet, and b) you may slip.