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Bern Brentwood



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Bern Brentwood

Bern's Brentwood is loaded with stylish looks, excellent comfort, and sweet features. Bern's Zipmold construction pairs a tough PVC shell with liquid-injected foam for low weight and protection that meets bicycle and skate safety standards. And, for excellent comfort, you get 11 vents, easy-to-adjust straps, and a cool removable visor to shield your eyes, or to flip up for extra style.



by PowerReviews
Option Barcode Manufacturer's Part Number Store SKU
Gloss White w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00843990033067 VM3GWVS
Gloss White w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00843990033050 VM3GWVM
Gloss White w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00843990033043 VM3GWVL
Gloss White w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00843990033074 VM3GWVXL
Gloss White w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00843990033081 VM3GWVXXL
Gloss White w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990033098 VM3GWVXXXL
Matte Black w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00877341006912 VM3MBKVS
Matte Black w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00877341006929 VM3MBKVM VM3MBKVM
Matte Black w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00877341006936 VM3MBKVL VM3MBKVL
Matte Black w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00877341006943 VM3MBKVXL VM3MBKVXL
Matte Black w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00877341006950 VM3MBKVXXL VM3MBKVXXL
Matte Black w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990006382 VM3MBKVXXXL
Matte "All Black Everything" Bomber w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00843990046562 VM3MBKBVS
Matte "All Black Everything" Bomber w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00843990046555 VM3MBKBVM
Matte "All Black Everything" Bomber w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00843990046548 VM3MBKBVL
Matte "All Black Everything" Bomber w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00843990046579 VM3MBKBVXL
Matte "All Black Everything" Bomber w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00843990046586 VM3MBKBVXXL
Matte "All Black Everything" Bomber w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990046593 VM3MBKBVXXXL
Matte Gray Cyclehawk II w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00843990046869 VM3MGRCHVS
Matte Gray Cyclehawk II w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00843990046852 VM3MGRCHVM
Matte Gray Cyclehawk II w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00843990046845 VM3MGRCHVL
Matte Gray Cyclehawk II w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00843990046876 VM3MGRCHVXL
Matte Gray Cyclehawk II w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00843990046883 VM3MGRCHVXXL
Matte Gray Cyclehawk II w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990046890 VM3MGRCHVXXXL
Matte Gray w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00843990046623 VM3MGRYVS
Matte Gray w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00843990046616 VM3MGRYVM
Matte Gray w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00843990046609 VM3MGRYVL
Matte Gray w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00843990046630 VM3MGRYVXL
Matte Gray w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00843990046647 VM3MGRYVXXL
Matte Gray w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990046654 VM3MGRYVXXXL
Matte Gray/Red Bomber w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00843990046807 VM3MGRBVS
Matte Gray/Red Bomber w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00843990046791 VM3MGRBVM
Matte Gray/Red Bomber w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00843990046784 VM3MGRBVL
Matte Gray/Red Bomber w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00843990046814 VM3MGRBVXL
Matte Gray/Red Bomber w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00843990046821 VM3MGRBVXXL
Matte Gray/Red Bomber w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990046838 VM3MGRBVXXXL
Matte Neon Yellow w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00843990046746 VM3MYLVS
Matte Neon Yellow w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00843990046739 VM3MYLVM
Matte Neon Yellow w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00843990046722 VM3MYLVL
Matte Neon Yellow w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00843990046753 VM3MYLVXL
Matte Neon Yellow w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00843990046760 VM3MYLVXXL
Matte Neon Yellow w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990046777 VM3MYLVXXXL
Matte Red w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00843990033548 VM3MRVS
Matte Red w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00843990033531 VM3MRVM
Matte Red w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00843990033524 VM3MRVL
Matte Red w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00843990033555 VM3MRVXL
Matte Red w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00843990033562 VM3MRVXXL
Matte Red w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990033579 VM3MRVXXXL
Matte Slate Blue w/Visor / Small (54-55.5cm) 00843990046685 VM3MSLVS
Matte Slate Blue w/Visor / Medium (55.5-57cm) 00843990046678 VM3MSLVM
Matte Slate Blue w/Visor / Large (57-59cm) 00843990046661 VM3MSLVL
Matte Slate Blue w/Visor / X-Large (59-60.5cm) 00843990046692 VM3MSLVXL
Matte Slate Blue w/Visor / XX-Large (60.5-62cm) 00843990046708 VM3MSLVXXL
Matte Slate Blue w/Visor / XXX-Large (62-63.5cm) 00843990046715 VM3MSLVXXXL